About Evolution Canine

About Evolution Canine

At Evolution Canine, We believe in using a Realistic approach to educate and transform your dog’s behavior

Effective and consistent communication, positive reinforcement, and appropriate corrections are essential to teaching your dog what behaviors are expected of him or her.

Meet Scott Purdum, Owner & Cleveland’s Top Dog Trainer

When Scott adopted Oberon in 2010, he was challenged to develop his training techniques to overcome his Cane Corso’s strong aggression issues toward people. After just a few months of working with him, Oberon’s aggression was tempered and his behavior was reformed through consistent and continuous work with effective training tools.

Since then, Scott has further refined and developed his proven training method and has worked with thousands of dogs with a variety of issues ranging from aggression to leash pulling. Scott takes pride in improving the lives of dogs and their owners through training that encourages communication and balance.

Successful Dog Training Extends to your home

Central to our approach is our commitment to educating dog owners. We believe that successful training extends beyond the confines of our sessions, reaching into your home and everyday interactions with your dog. That’s why we work closely with you, providing personalized guidance and equipping you with the knowledge and skills to effectively reinforce positive behaviors outside of our training sessions.

Dog Training Tools

The Tools – Throughout training, we’ll use a leash, Herm Sprenger Prong Collar, and the Mini Educator E-Collar. These items are included with a training package, and are the most effective, reliable, and humane tools available to help improve your dog’s behavior. Some dogs may require equipment upgrades at an additional cost.

Dog Training Philosophy

At Evolution Canine, we adopt a realistic approach to nurturing positive behavioral changes in your canine companion.

Our methodology revolves around building a strong partnership between you and your dog, founded on trust, respect, and clear communication. Through our guidance, we empower dog owners like you to become confident leaders and educators for your canine companion.

We emphasize the importance of consistent and clear communication to help your dog understand what behaviors are expected and desired. Positive reinforcement serves as a cornerstone, rewarding desirable behaviors to encourage their repetition and solidify learning, while negative reinforcement enables us to discourage unwanted behaviors.

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